Toronto Island

One of the day trips we did on one of the weekends during my student excahnge was Toronto Island. It consists of a chain of small islands, and is located on the western part of Lake Ontario.

The island is pretty much recreational parkland and there are a number of beaches available as well, including a clothing optional beach called Hanlan beach. There are still about 300 houses on Toronto island though mostly located on the eastern part of the island. We didn’t manage to travel to the east cause of limited time so we were mainly buggying around centre island and the west.

I think the highlight of the day trip was definitely quadricycling around the island on the 4 wheeled buggy and of course enjoying the glorious blue skies and the beautiful waterways as well.

And here’s my take on it project life style:

DSCN4342 DSCN4344


Apparently the Gibraltar point lighthouse is said to be haunted. The first lighthouse keeper was actually murdered back in 1815 or something. (Its a really pretty lighthouse tho!)

Really missing Toronto’s beautiful skyline now.


One last take of Yorku school daze


Finally took some time today to get some scrapping done today. It feels great to get my scrapping moji back after a couple of weeks. Here’s the last side of the School at Yorku segment of my Student Exchange! Lovin’ the pop of colour!


Living in Canada

Some project life holiday spreads I did the past 2 weekends featuring my housemates/ travelling buddies, our landlord and her cats, and the things we do back at our home of 4 months when we were in Canada.


Most products are from Becky Higgin’s Midnight Edition!


Glitter glue lining actually rocks!!!


totally in love with the super old school dymo tape, super good for journalling too! And, it’s also my first time cutting out Chinese characters with the Cameo!

Pardon the profanities in this page tho! hahah it really was Janina the landlord’s favourite quote to people when they intruded her area and made alot of noise – and so was her other phrase… “how was it?” hahahaha.

So many things happened back at 310 Cook Road… I’m sure both Daryl and Cuis can vouch for that.
We nearly burnt down the kitchen once cause we over cooked the oil in the pan and it caught fire and started the smoke alarm. Janina’s cat, Chatek barged into our room when we were away on a trip and nested himself on my Accounting project and actually pee-ed on it. I was so mad cause the project was due for submission by the time i got back from the trip and Janina kept saying it wasn’t her cat when obviously the colour and the smell on the papers were that of pee. Being Singaporeans, we weren’t used to the harsh Canadian winter and really badly needed a heater cause the house was mostly only 15 degrees indoors at night and we had an uncurtained glass door balcony which kept bringing in the cold. Janina provided us with a portable heater at first, which she later on took away cause she said we were using too much of it, and it was chalking up her electricity bill (but we do pay for rent?!?!?!) She even wanted to confiscate the heater that Daryl bought for himself. But really apart from all these strange revelations of our landlord.. she was a pretty funny lady which we now still laugh and joke about when we reminisce those times we stayed together in that house on cook road.

Niagara Falls

Just sharing a continuation of my student exchange in project life style!

I can’t believe that to date, since I started #PLHolidayEd from the Perth trip, I’ve literally completed a good 21 pages! Achievement, truly unlocked.

So here goes:

Hello Niagara Falls! (Probably the most beautiful & most touristy falls i’ve ever visited)

This was my first trip to the falls… I went there again in Dec 2010 (near Christmas) to get a glimpse of the falls in an icy version and also to visit the American side of the falls. It was also a very different and interesting experience.


DSCN4167 DSCN4169


my favourite photos (apart from photos of the falls) are these that were captured on Daryl’s tripod and timer clicker.



Cuis looked so cute here, all geared up and ready to go.




Lovin’ the geotag stamp and set from Technique Tuesday!




Last bit of Canadian Rockies!

Back with some more Canadian Rockies in Project Life style.

Lots from the BeckyHiggins Themed kits – Road Trip & The Great Outdoors

Loving those brown, green and blue hues!


DSCN4158 DSCN4160 DSCN4162


Cute car cut out with the cameo, die cut from 2peasinabucket summer travel set.

DSCN4154 DSCN4157



This was the memorable last 3 days of the Moose Tour we went back in Sept 2010. By then, travelling with Daryl and Wenting was like travelling with old friends I’ve know for years. I remember at the start of the trip I barely knew them both, but I was glad the trip brought us all closer as exchange pals, and me and Daryl later on study buddies and house mates! This trip was a pretty good icebreaker for future trips later on on our exchange.


Best of the Canadian Rockies

Had a super productive weekend completing pages and pages of my project life holiday ed! (Thank goodness for the long Good Friday weekend.. I had an awesome time !)


Featuring Map cuts from 2peasinabucket which were cut out with my trusty silhouette cameo and layered with my favourite font welded together and cut with the cameo as well :) Gosh, best investment ever!






I have an incredibly bad habit of printing TOO many photos… so then this is what usually happens – I let the photos do the talking instead.


DSCN4136 DSCN4137

Cute travel stamp set from Technique Tuesday, which I made into a cork embellishment. Love how it super fits the theme.


And here’s an attempt at tabbing my photos – A shot of Mount Edith Cavell on 5/9/10 evening and another on 6/8/10 morning! See the difference a night makes! (It snowed overnight!!!)

DSCN4141 DSCN4143

Most of the cards here are from the BeckyHiggins Great Outdoors themed kit which I bought and printed it out to use.




This pretty much sums up the 4 solid days in Banff & Jasper National Parks

My favourite lake has to be Peyto Lake cause its so artificially blue, pretty, uniquely shaped like a dog and… we had an awesome aerial view of it. (I think i scrapped about it 3 times)

Favourite memory was the mini birthday surprise from Daryl and Wenting! They took mini brochures from the Hostel counter and joined them together with a travel sewing kit they had to make me a Happy BDay Banner! And they did this all in the hostel room (which i was also sleeping in) the night before and I did not notice a thing! So sweet of them! :’)

Most gorgeous view would be the 14km Lake Louise hike to see the Plain of 6 glaciers and mini Lake Louise from up above.

And my other favourite picture perfect moments were Angel’s Glacier (So gorgeous with the blue frozen lake just below it), Two Jack, and Medicine Lake for its magnificient mirror like clear waters.

Canadian Rockies is definitely a MUST SEE if you’re a nature lover like me… actually I’d like to think its a must see for all who do go to Vancouver. Too gorgeous to miss, really :)