Toronto Island

One of the day trips we did on one of the weekends during my student excahnge was Toronto Island. It consists of a chain of small islands, and is located on the western part of Lake Ontario.

The island is pretty much recreational parkland and there are a number of beaches available as well, including a clothing optional beach called Hanlan beach. There are still about 300 houses on Toronto island though mostly located on the eastern part of the island. We didn’t manage to travel to the east cause of limited time so we were mainly buggying around centre island and the west.

I think the highlight of the day trip was definitely quadricycling around the island on the 4 wheeled buggy and of course enjoying the glorious blue skies and the beautiful waterways as well.

And here’s my take on it project life style:

DSCN4342 DSCN4344


Apparently the Gibraltar point lighthouse is said to be haunted. The first lighthouse keeper was actually murdered back in 1815 or something. (Its a really pretty lighthouse tho!)

Really missing Toronto’s beautiful skyline now.

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