The Kimono Experience!


Made this album months ago and finally got down to embellishing it with my fave pics from my Kushiro day trip just this July.

This cover was layered with cardboard to make it pop and the kimono doll was an idea i got from pinterest! (Just type Kimono doll origami… lots of ideas there) You can also get pretty japanese papers from daiso for cheap to make the kimono.

I stuck to a 6×6 paper set from Dear Lizzy Serendipity so I didn’t need to keep cutting papers to size.


P1010266 DSCN7589

For the binding, you can cut a piece of cardstock  12 cm x 6″ and score at 1cm intervals. This is a top down pic to show how the binding was done.


And now for the insides!!! :) Used mostly project life cards (Inspire edition!) and remaining card from the 6×6 paper pad for compatible layering.



P1010267 P1010271 P1010275 P1010277 P1010278 P1010279

Thanks for looking! x


Mini Album – Bali 2012

Following up from my previous Bali layout, I made this mini album for my babe and Bali partner in crime just for her birthday as well.. to reminisce this cool and epic trip we had together which brought us closer as both friends and colleagues!

I made the album in an accordian style similar to the Maldives mini album! Didn’t manage to take many good quality photos of this piece as I made it the night before gifting it.. but here goes!






left a space for her to write some of her thoughts from the trip for her keeps too!

Till my next post, see ya!

Hello Maldives!

Sharing with you guys a mini album I did last week – featuring the trip to Maldives earlier this year with my family.

Album binding idea is from Lori Whitlock’s mini accordion album here, but because I was using a 6×6 paper stack for this project, which already had an additional 0.5″ side which can be folded to bind the pages of the album together, it made the whole album a lot easier to make. I only needed to cut up the binding to size (6″) with my cameo.

You can watch how Lori Whitlock assembled her album here.

Without further ado, here’s my album!!! Everything’s made using Crate Paper! Oh how I love the pretty pastels and how every other collection from CP can be used with each other.

So basically, I used the 6×6 paper stack from CP Styleboard for the album base, Chipboard embellishments from CP’s Open Road, and random flat cut outs from CP’s Ephemera packs from the Open Book and Notes and Things collections!


And for what’s inside….maldivescon


Really really fun to do! I completed the album binding in 1 night, and the photo printing and album embellishing in one afternoon.

Thanks for lookin’ x

Mini Birthday Album

Created this stitch-binded mini album as a birthday gift for a good old friend of mine.

My general inspiration was from Amy Yingling’s mini album here, which simply blew my mind. I loved how her idea was so simple but yet so on point! And her idea of attaching plastic sleeves into the album was so cool too.


Its actually my first time trying to sew a heart shape with the sewing machine and god, it was difficult. Especially when my sewing speed has always been inconsistent. Ahhaha. Nevertheless, I think the obvious sewing imperfections adds a little bit of a personal touch don’t you think? ;P

DSCN5460 DSCN5464 DSCN5463 DSCN5462

Most materials are from Crate Paper Open Book & Styleboard, as well as some Maggie Holmes Project life cards are in there as well.

Check out the full album here:

Thanks for looking! x

Mini album fully embellished

It’s been a while!

This album’s just for my bestie, for her birthday!

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So this was the album I assembled a while back here with the cameo and approximately 10-12 sheets of random cardstock. But now its fully prepped and ready to go! Whee!


Looking through old photos just to put together the album’s content was pretty fun! haha it was lik reminiscing the old times back in secondary school when we just got to know each other.

I remember her to be the really quiet sort (though really mischievous – she always had stupid pranks up her sleeve). We weren’t really close cause of her quiet nature, also cause we didn’t attend classes together in secondary 3 and 4. But then we ended up in the same Junior College, and started to hang out a lot more. I think there were 2 things that bonded us together :
1) Same idol crushes – Clay Aiken back in Sec 2… Rain and Joo Ji Hoon from Goong in JC ahahhaa those were the days
2) Art – she was in art elective (I wasn’t though cause I can’t draw/ paint well) and I was her “idea generation” / model for a couple of her art pieces.

I remember those times I used to feel down back in JC cause of results and things like that and she was always there to lend me a listening ear or hug. Really a friend I can count on and a friend I know even today, that she’s one person who knows and will stand by me and we can just always have a blast together. :*)



Standing Display Album

So I used the concept I learnt from Liana’s album making class to make this display album just for mom to put in her office.
What I did was, get 3 pieces of chipboard and wrap it with cardstock like a hard cover book and punch holes in the spine so that I can add the pages to the album.

IMG_1223 IMG_1227

There’s a 4×6 pullout in the album page to put extra pics. I made that by hiding an envelope between the pages and gluing them together.

IMG_1229 IMG_1228 IMG_1230 IMG_1233

This is the 4×6 pull out! Great for hiding journalling and messages too. Also great if you have a bad excessive photo printing habit like me :PIMG_1235 IMG_1231