Living in Canada

Some project life holiday spreads I did the past 2 weekends featuring my housemates/ travelling buddies, our landlord and her cats, and the things we do back at our home of 4 months when we were in Canada.


Most products are from Becky Higgin’s Midnight Edition!


Glitter glue lining actually rocks!!!


totally in love with the super old school dymo tape, super good for journalling too! And, it’s also my first time cutting out Chinese characters with the Cameo!

Pardon the profanities in this page tho! hahah it really was Janina the landlord’s favourite quote to people when they intruded her area and made alot of noise – and so was her other phrase… “how was it?” hahahaha.

So many things happened back at 310 Cook Road… I’m sure both Daryl and Cuis can vouch for that.
We nearly burnt down the kitchen once cause we over cooked the oil in the pan and it caught fire and started the smoke alarm. Janina’s cat, Chatek barged into our room when we were away on a trip and nested himself on my Accounting project and actually pee-ed on it. I was so mad cause the project was due for submission by the time i got back from the trip and Janina kept saying it wasn’t her cat when obviously the colour and the smell on the papers were that of pee. Being Singaporeans, we weren’t used to the harsh Canadian winter and really badly needed a heater cause the house was mostly only 15 degrees indoors at night and we had an uncurtained glass door balcony which kept bringing in the cold. Janina provided us with a portable heater at first, which she later on took away cause she said we were using too much of it, and it was chalking up her electricity bill (but we do pay for rent?!?!?!) She even wanted to confiscate the heater that Daryl bought for himself. But really apart from all these strange revelations of our landlord.. she was a pretty funny lady which we now still laugh and joke about when we reminisce those times we stayed together in that house on cook road.


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