初二 :回娘家

Its a yearly habit to always have Macs breakfast on 初二

Or should i say its my dad’s habit hahaha

So we dabao-ed mac and drove back to my parents place first thing 初二 morning.

It was one of the most efficient Macs ordering we had thanks to J.

If you use the macs kiosks to order and pay by card, the order gets injected into the system for cooking and you kinda beat the Q!!!

Anyway apart from breakfast, we hung out w my fambam the rest of the morning before finally having a light louhei lunch!

With leftover Buah Keluak on the side hehehe

Its J’s first time trying this. So my bro gave him a lowdown on how to go about eating this.

Our day 2 couple photo!! :)


Vday / Eyelash / Random spams

How was your vday????

Vday felt strange this year maybe cause cny is just around the corner (but also cause we are not usual fans of vday celebrations. its too commercialized and the flowers are too expensive lol)

Anyway we had homecooked dinner at home and finally opened one of our freeeee packets of 胡须张卤肉饭!

YASSS yummy as how i remembered and lomantic enough for us lah

also whipped up some minced pork with simple seasoning to go with the 卤肉饭 sauce. and some steamed broc as veg of the day

After that….

We went and did major spring cleaning till late 😂

Anti climax max.

Isit #marriedlife??????

Hahah also packing angbaos for our first cny as married couple. Lol

(This year’s bloomberg angbaos damn chio btw)

In preps for CNY i decided to retry my hand at eyelash extensions! #dayrebeauty

The last time i did eyelash extensions was in 2015 but i kinda did not enjoy the experience because

1. The eyelash glue stung my eyes everytime i washed my face.
2. It only lasted 2.5 weeks

Therefore i thought it was an uncomfortable and wastemoney experience

But then i saw sgbudgetbabe recommend ed_legant_flutters and she mentioned that the glue did not sting eyes. 😃😃😃

Also pricing point $58

Decided to give it a go this CNY. I did the classic lash set in 9-11mm length.

I must say the session was very comfortable i fell asleep.

Also it had been the 4th day since putting on the extensions. It wasn’t as heavy as i thought it would be.

And it was rather easy to maintain and wash my face (as long as i dont suddenly rub my eyes and be gentle hahahaa)

Most importantly,

the glue did not sting my eyes!!!!!!!

So far i’m liking the whole dunnid to draw eyeliner and put mascara thing.

Fuss freeee indeed!!!

Also Hot Yoga with my damn sweaty face was okay with the lashes too.

Wanna continue monitoring to see how long i can make this set of lashes last!!!!

Decided to do some last minute CNY deco for the house with my silhouette cameo

Downloaded some cool chinese calligraphy from http://www.freechinesefont.com and pieced this together

And stuck this on our tv wall, just nice where the track lights spot light on the wall.

Got shadow effect #okcan

finally had icecream with my bro at his favourite place

he always jio but i always end up no time or too rushed to go after dinner

lychee rose/ honeybutter / dark choc on a waffle

of course need to wefie


Gong Xi Fa Cai

Hope yall are having fun with your friends and family :)

Didn’t know bitmoji has cute cny mojis. hehe
the dog looks like a fox though

Took a pic before leaving the house for the day

Its our first CNY together as a married couple, giving angbaos and all

we managed to squeeze some time to meet my auntie (and my fam) after temple visit with J’s fam.

Was supposed to only visit them tomorrow but yay i got to see them todayyyyy

Its the first year J and I are doing this together so we are kinda still working around the schedule.

So far so good.

cnyootd in my tansshop dress!
shoes from oka.b

Highlight of the day was definitely seeing her smile.

its not been easy on the fam in the past few months because her dementia has resulted in very strong and sudden mood swings.

It was nice to see her not get angry and laugh when her great grandkids came to visit.

Then she looked at J and I and said she wanted one from us next year


#imstaying / fayth and tansshop reviews

Opened jannypenny wordpress which has been dead for sometime (i used it for scrapbooking posts last time). Contemplated to start “dayring” there and mess up the entire flow of things. i.e scrapbooking posts then suddenly talk about random life there.

Couldnt do it.

Decided that albeit the fact that dayre may/will die after Feb 28, WTF i’ll just post here lah until dayre dies then i think about whether i wanna continue blogging or not

Just cant see how blogs like stellar/medium/wordpress/weblogit will make looking for tips, reading and commenting on other ppl’s blogs as easy as dayre lah

so lets 珍惜…..

#fayth tryouts

i saw this and liked this so much online

but when i wear… mehhhh

This is Mayfair Crochet Dress

This is the very long ago Loewe Lace Dress.

I always thought this dress would be super mini on me cause 32-33” and i’m getting too old for that kinda length dresses hahaha

Buttt no leh

It surprisingly looked good! This is M. Its a bit overall but a very comfy fit.

Yellows actually quite nice and happy (Its not thisssss yellow irl lah. more like a pastely yellow)

Ixoria dress

OMG this was THE DRESS i have been waiting all year for in THIS COLOUR.

I regretted i didnt buy it last year because it went oos and then nobody was ever reselling it in M?

Anyway the verdict this year upon retrying is… Maroon makes me look old. So therefore i should get it in navy instead


Madelyn High Collar Dress in M

I love the colour ALOT but was a bit half half on whether i really liked the design

Stella Lace Midi in Navy

This was in S and i could only zip it halfway?

Dress is surprisingly DAMN NICE?

High Collar in maroon

Ok this confirms that i cannot wear this shade of maroon

(Or isit i blend in with the curtains? 🤔😂)

Alice Midi in pastel lavender

Aiyoooo i love this alot!!!
Colour and all!!!

Couldnt try the Esme Lace Dress cause no more size already…… Thats also on my kiv.

Anyway im uk 8-10 and usually a #Fayth Size M for Dresses and size S for tops

Tansshop reviews

Bought lots of #tansshop #taobao this time and its really all my cny clothes

This should be my CNY dress!

I love the fit and the cute flare part of the top portion.

Colour also on point for cny. ++

I wear M for this. Fits perfect

Bought this on a whim cause i was desperate to get free mailing with the above mentioned red dress. (Also cause it looks chio and only left 1 black in M)

Kiasu me decided to just baiiii

Turns out it was a bit loose at the bust area.

Hips part was okay

I love love love pastel purple.

Its the only other pastel colour (other than pastel yellow) that i look good in.

and so i also carted this

but my concern is i look like i have a preggy midsection?????

Is it cause the gathers????

(pardon the messy bed ahaha)

My Other CNY piece!!!

Also my fave and i cannot wait to wear this to work ((:

Got a bit 依依不舍 cause dayre is closing down.

Also kinda mad at dayre cause of the flash sale stickers? like what? is this your means of making a quick buck from the crowd just before u close down?

Minimise losses????

Haha oh well, that aside, i came to dayre only last year to record down snippets of my wedding and reno journey. Along the way, i kinda loved this huge sharing culture this whole community had. 💓

Sad that i only got to be a part of this for a short while

But glad to be part of it nevertheless! (:

Well we will never know.. maybe dayre would do a zouk – and not close down when the deadline comes…


I had a craving for mcd twister fries and went ahead to get this craving settled during lunch

But then…..
How come now the twister fries so salty one!!!! :(
And the mc chicken burger sucks.

Maybe its just the clifford centre outlet.

I think this meal will deter me from mcd-ing for a while

Lip Tints & Skincare

Recently i’m super into #dayrebeauty posts. Been reading up on mamonde lipsticks ALOT

Reason being… i bought my first lip tint at the etude house recently and loved it! (I bot pk004 at the etude house sale at pwc building) then i remembered hoppypoppyz talking about mamonde lippies so i had to check it out.

Quite torn between Highlight Lip Tint # 6 Pin Spot and # 7.

Swatched # 6 which J said was better. This one here is # 7 (bro said look lik pinoy????? rofl.. seems like i can never find a suitable shade of red for my face lol)

i also like the True Colour Lipsticks in # 19 (top) and # 14 classic (below)

i’m very likely to suit 19 better
(lol my hand actually quite hairy😳)

Aiyoo but actually i only put lipstick once a day and quite rarely touch up. so idk if i should actually go about buying this.

Anyway I also read into skincare..
Can you believe I just found out abt cystic acne like last week and realised this shit has been plaguing my right cheek and ears since forever?????

Lol ok la better late than never.

So i went and read up abt Tea Tree Oils and AHA BHA stuffs

And decided to spend money on buying these stuffs instead of the lipsticks for now LOL

Bot this to try on my cystic acne and pimples upon reading sweetpea’s recommendations

Also cause i still have some liveup rebates left just before it expires!

And this after reading many rave reviews about it here on dayre.

Lets see if my nose blackheads really stop coming back! (it will be my first time using cosrx and bha though)