Niagara Falls

Just sharing a continuation of my student exchange in project life style!

I can’t believe that to date, since I started #PLHolidayEd from the Perth trip, I’ve literally completed a good 21 pages! Achievement, truly unlocked.

So here goes:

Hello Niagara Falls! (Probably the most beautiful & most touristy falls i’ve ever visited)

This was my first trip to the falls… I went there again in Dec 2010 (near Christmas) to get a glimpse of the falls in an icy version and also to visit the American side of the falls. It was also a very different and interesting experience.


DSCN4167 DSCN4169


my favourite photos (apart from photos of the falls) are these that were captured on Daryl’s tripod and timer clicker.



Cuis looked so cute here, all geared up and ready to go.




Lovin’ the geotag stamp and set from Technique Tuesday!