JB Trip be like


Wa i liked this one

nudbad this wtm

Nope it was not very nice but we came here to lim kopi and kill time before the malls open

🤤 enough said

Di Hwang Ya – KSL level 3.

Pls go if you like fatty char siew like me. Guaranteed it will be ETCHED IN YOUR MEMORIES.

actually our main purpose of the trip was to 买年货

And we did!

We were there last year and apparently my friends left such an impression the moment the shop owners at 饼饼香 saw us they knew we were the returning singaporean customers from a year ago. Lol!!!!

We did have better self control this year though. Also cause we knew what we liked and wanted and also some of the stuffs we liked were OOS


The low down:

Love letters very nice
Arrowhead chips cheap and gd
Golden crispy cookies yummy
salted egg fish skin 🤤
matcha cookies nice new addition tbh
seaweed roll fish fillet (yews fave)

I bot the salted egg cookies too cause new flavour and unique!

Boot space always full when we go to JB. Whether its to buy fans or what nots.

We sure have someway to fill it up 😂😂😂

just like any of our other trips .. fruitful with endless random chatter and jokes


Family Bonding Saturday

Been a tiring but super fruitful day

Spent some time with my side of the fam in the morning and tried my bro’s handmade chocolate icecream (it was not bad!!!)

– Went to Phoon Huat to get baking goodies cause 10% off

– Cleaned the house and did other housework to prep for house hosting in the evening

Then SIL came over with the rest of the fam for our quick baking sesh before the bigger family event in the evening

Our agenda was

Pineapple Tarts!!

This was my first time ever making tarts (my first attempt with that batter which i used my thermomix to mix everything together at a slow speed of 3)… also the first time learning from SIL!

Really glad J helped arrange for this get together.

Then SIL MIL J and myself sat around the dining table and rolled the pineapple paste 🍍 and the tarts into balls!

It was fun and very communal – with the conversations and the chatter. A first for me with them since getting married.

It was something i really enjoyed and hope that we can have more sessions like that next time ☺️

I didnt think making pineapple tarts would actually be quite managable but what i really liked most was how baking this could be a really nice family bonding activity

We made cute tic tac toe patterns on our hand rolled tarts and egg washed those babies before sending them into the oven to bake

We served them later on during our housewarming gathering with the rest of the fam and wow they got snapped up really quick!!!!!

We had 2 full trays worth and by the end of the gathering, only 1 tray was left.


Family gathering – housewarming

Huge turnout at home !!
We catered food cause if we cook its likely we wont be able to cope (trueee! spent alot of time chit chatting, pouring alcoholic drinks and scooping icecream 😂😂 but super glad everyone was having fun hanging out)

It was damn windy the whole evening so we were pretty blessed the place wasnt stuffy even though there was like 25 people roaming around in our 4rm

We catered

Ronnie’s Kitchen

Guess where we put the buffet?!!!

In the spare room! 😂
Cause there was no space in the living area or the corridor outside our home.

We also bought a foldable table from giant (and placed it by the sofa) and borrowed another small table to place by our photo frames so that everyone could sort of have a place to sit down and eat.

Now lets talk about Food 🍽

Ronnie’s kitchen was quite affordable (around $15/pax for 8 courses) and food rating on foodline was like 4* plus .. the higher rating of those vendors within our budget

we ordered :
fried rice (👍🏻)
curry chicken (👍🏻)
salted egg chicken (👎🏻)
broc and mushroom (👍🏻)
lemon chicken
oats prawns
kong bah bao (🤤👍🏻👍🏻)
yam paste (👍🏻👍🏻)

After the event was over, i was crazy enough to start bake #2. J’s sis was still around so i went and made almond cookies she recommended (she mentioned it was J’s favourite so good to learn Lol)

It was quite fuss free i think the whole baking process took only 30min tops! (including the 15min baking time)


Meanwhile SIL was using my cameo to make labels and she 顺便 made these for us. now we will never not know which cup is ours already 😂😂😂 YAY

I have a habit of always taking the cup with water and making it mine. And that cup always happens to be J’s 😂😂😂😂😂 (no need to refill ma!!!!)

anyway after everyone left we still chionged and clean up the house. dk where we found the energy.

Still got JB trip tmr morning in early am – time to crash 😴

Butter-basted Steaks 🥩

So i’ve been missing out on my bro’s cooking during the week cause the time i go back to my parents and the time he decides to cook for the family hasnt been coinciding

But i finally got to try yesterday evening!!!

He made us butter- basted steaks 🥩 (where you swirl melted butter over semi seared steaks to cook it quickly.)

And we had a wild rocket salad 🥗 on the side which was pretty well done tooo

So actually his steaks only require very few things and its pretty quick to whip up..

Writing down so that i remember haha

Steak 🥩:
Peeled Garlic
(and butter!!!)

Sear the beef a little over the fire. Once its lightly seared, add in butter and let it melt. Together with the beef juice, swirl and scoop up the melted butter and the sauce fr the beef.. and pour it over the beef again and again till its cooked 😋

Salad 🥗 :
Wild rocket and baby spinach mix
Olive Oil
Lemon juice
Almonds/ any nuts
(Add kellogs cornflakes for extra crunch!! we only tried this out towards the end of the meal)


Melbourne planning & cake making

I spent our good saturday doing trip planning!

YESSSS we had wanted to go on a short trip but then couldnt agree to where (again)

Suggestions were: Japan, Korea, Cambodia, Thailand(Khao Yai), Indo(Yogyakarta or Bromo/Ijen)

The one that came way close was probably Khao Yai

Then suddenly J said – Melbourne! And i knew that was it. That place has been on my wishlist for a while now. I had plans to go there with my parents if J didnt want to but since he agreed, we’re going!


Yass one of the main highlights would be to do a drive trip to see this beauty.

Actually i wanted to go see Grampians National Park too

But after much thought and shuffling, the itinerary and our trip time frame didnt permit. So we will skip this. Also its kinda out of the way.

Anyway the top recommendations from my friends and fam for day trips out of melb are:

Mornington Peninsula

And Dandenong Ranges

So we will be doing these 2 with a stop at Yarra Valley for winesssssssss

Talking about wanderlust always makes me so excitedddd

I’m like almost done with all the accom bookings. Just left 1 more and the car rental then i can go in depth with the list of things to eat and do and whatnot ahaha. I cant wait for the cafe hopping and coffee tbh!

Lol and as you can see, J left the whole itinerary to me cause he says he believes i will do a fine job rofl


Anyway if you’re gonna drive around Melb, it seems that Jucy has one of the better pricings as compared to the bigger rental names (Budget/ Avis/ Hertz which avg abt A$60-$70 per day without excess) #dayretravel

I baked a cake too

Its thermomix lemon cake 🍋 🍋 this time

Cause I had 2 lemons in the fridge lying around for ages and i wanted to get rid of them in a good way before they go bad

took out the trusty thermomix cook book and all my ingredients

(lol we were cleaning the floor so thats why the dining chairs were inverted ….. ie pointy legs in the background)

tirelessly zested and juiced my 2 lemons by hand

And mixed the batter in my thermomix before sending it into the oven

but the cake exploded!

lol i was supposed to bake it at 180 deg but i left the oven temp setting at 220??????

only realised it when i went back to check on the cake almost 30min later.


Parts of the cake was uncooked around the top centre… other than that, it was probably one of the better tasting cakes i’ve made in terms of fluffiness 😂 (the cakes i’ve made so far are known to be pretty dense)

Cut up the raw cake bits and salvaged the rest! It was quite a large cake

This is the said cake recipe! I thought it tasted pretty good. If you’re using a normal mixer you can just mix everything all in.

Throwback food photo dump and the week’s updates

This is gonna be a throwback post cause i procrastinated. Lol

The biggest news last weekend was probably the opening of the new supermarket near our place.

waaa i tell you im loving this new convenience!

Bulan pork section!!!! (hate the smelly aussie pork)
I can now make pork ribs and siobak and buy pork by the weight instead of prepacked

Anyway the supermarket’s pretty well stocked considering its small size.

Now lets talk about

hahah i hosted my cousins over the weekend last week.

Made curry and beehoon and ovened some
nuggets cause it was only a small group.

I started cooking way early at 8am so that i could have the curry with frozen prata for breakfast!!!!

I used Hai’s curry chicken paste ($2.75) its the same brand as the paste i use for laksa!

It was my 2nd time making the curry via this paste. this time, we used frozen winglets (blanched and marinated with salt overnight to remove the frozen taste)

Added a bit of my flavour to the curry by adding chopped shallots and garlic before frying in the paste.. and also more coconut milk(less spicy)

Our thermomix beehoon attempt this time
was made with stir fried chicken 🐔 , and broccoli 🥦.

We added chicken stock to make it more
flavourful and soy sauce and pepper.

It was more on the bland side so that it could go well with the curry. (but perhaps i could have made it yummier so that it could be enjoyed on its own)

The kids (my nephews) also walloped so many nuggets that day 😂

We had left over curry so we made

one pot rice

on one of the weekdays earlier this week (i think it was tuesday?)

▪️Chopped mushrooms
▪️Chopped pumpkin
▪️Chicken or Veg stock mixed with the water to cook the rice
▪️A tiny blob of butter

We didnt do meat for this One Pot cause we were having it with our left over curry

I liked how the pumpkin added sweetness to the rice.

Overall it was quite satisfactory – especially for lazy days

Avocado recommendation 🥑

This NZ avo! I think i bot it from NTUC

is damnnnnn awesome.

so i bot it 2 weeks ago (chose some mildly green ones and kept it in the fridge to prolong its lifespan)

Just cut it the other day to enjoy it. Its superb – chunky and a beautiful ripe green!

So i added some pepper and just a little kewpie sauce and kinda finished the whole thing on my own. hehe

I used to eat avo alot when staying w my parents coz my mom and i love it. She will always make smashed avo sandwiches for me to take to work.

Now that i have moved out, she and i have to enjoy our avos separately – Alone. 😭

She still does her sandwiches but i usually have it plain coz i dont buy huge loaves of sandwich bread!!!

Iuiga had a popup at raffles place this week and i could buy this right away without paying for delivery! $23 OK CAN.

Had my first try at it – not too sure of the results / cleanliness yet cause all i felt are vibrations. 😂

Let me try this for a longer period of time and then see how

fotd mid week with meitu! aiyo i damn slow but this meitu really nuddbad at enhancing haha

I changed up my make up routine – mascara + thin thin eyeliner and lip tint!! (i used to do laneige two tone eyeshadow + eyeliner)

Bitmoji never fails to make me laugh with whatever emoji they come up with.

so this is the taking a poop emoji

But theres something so wrong with thr drawing!


Since we are at bitmoji.. i can finally use this emoji

Last day of work today at the place i’ve been with for the past 3 years

Loved that the past 3 years flew by in a blink of an eye just cause everythings so dynamic and fast moving.

Think the new place would also be the same, but hopefully better? 🙂

Anyway my heart had slight 依依不舍 feels today – grateful for the smooth transition and for the colleagues who made it possible.

Since I was home slightly earlier, decided to do heavier cooking

Tieponytails Shepherd’s Pie recipe!!!!

The first time we did this was at Verons place during xmas. I was pretty blown away by the pie that night i knew i had to try it myself. hahahah

Its always a war zone in the kitchen when i cook 😂

There wasnt minced beef available at our supermarket so we got minced pork instead

And i used shitake mushrooms

I think my favourite part is watching the “sauce” thicken after putting in the flour and slowly adding in the chicken stock

We had a bunch of broccoli left so we steamed it with the thermomix and also added it into the mixture (this was our veg in replacement with frozen peas cause J doesnt eat them)

I didnt use any tomato paste but used this tonkatsu sauce which i already have instead (again coz J doesnt like tomato… buttttttt the truth is, the tonkatsu sauce is actually made of tomato! and other things like apple/prune/lemon/carrots/onion 😂😂)

I used 3 small potatoes for the mashed which was clearly not enough. It was a really thin potato layer (with small holes where the meat peeked through hahaha)

But we sort of covered the holes up with mozerella cheese and then baked it in the oven


Too much of a portion for us to finish so we only ate half .. keeping the other half for lunch tomorrow

👩🏻 : Hope i can get into the yoga class tomorrow. its a new class called Baptiste Power Yoga.
👦🏻 : *Short silence* You can do your chaturanga updog downdog while shouting “POWER!!!!!”
👩🏻 : 😂😂

(now there’s this really weird image of people shouting during yoga class in my head)

And i also think a bunch of crows just flew past……
🦅 🐦 🦅 🐦


So i managed to get through the waitlist and into class.

It was a powerful session of chaturangas and 7 wheel poses back to back 😱 – which ended in meditation (after savasana)

To me meditation is almost = sleeping. and i kinda dont like sitting up and just breathing because i’m afraid i might just doze off and tip my head backward lol

but i must say i have a renewed sense of meditation today because even though it was abt 5 min on focusing on a vision of my heart and my breathing…. i actually didnt fall asleep but felt very rejuvenated after that