#imstaying / fayth and tansshop reviews

Opened jannypenny wordpress which has been dead for sometime (i used it for scrapbooking posts last time). Contemplated to start “dayring” there and mess up the entire flow of things. i.e scrapbooking posts then suddenly talk about random life there.

Couldnt do it.

Decided that albeit the fact that dayre may/will die after Feb 28, WTF i’ll just post here lah until dayre dies then i think about whether i wanna continue blogging or not

Just cant see how blogs like stellar/medium/wordpress/weblogit will make looking for tips, reading and commenting on other ppl’s blogs as easy as dayre lah

so lets 珍惜…..

#fayth tryouts

i saw this and liked this so much online

but when i wear… mehhhh

This is Mayfair Crochet Dress

This is the very long ago Loewe Lace Dress.

I always thought this dress would be super mini on me cause 32-33” and i’m getting too old for that kinda length dresses hahaha

Buttt no leh

It surprisingly looked good! This is M. Its a bit overall but a very comfy fit.

Yellows actually quite nice and happy (Its not thisssss yellow irl lah. more like a pastely yellow)

Ixoria dress

OMG this was THE DRESS i have been waiting all year for in THIS COLOUR.

I regretted i didnt buy it last year because it went oos and then nobody was ever reselling it in M?

Anyway the verdict this year upon retrying is… Maroon makes me look old. So therefore i should get it in navy instead


Madelyn High Collar Dress in M

I love the colour ALOT but was a bit half half on whether i really liked the design

Stella Lace Midi in Navy

This was in S and i could only zip it halfway?

Dress is surprisingly DAMN NICE?

High Collar in maroon

Ok this confirms that i cannot wear this shade of maroon

(Or isit i blend in with the curtains? 🤔😂)

Alice Midi in pastel lavender

Aiyoooo i love this alot!!!
Colour and all!!!

Couldnt try the Esme Lace Dress cause no more size already…… Thats also on my kiv.

Anyway im uk 8-10 and usually a #Fayth Size M for Dresses and size S for tops

Tansshop reviews

Bought lots of #tansshop #taobao this time and its really all my cny clothes

This should be my CNY dress!

I love the fit and the cute flare part of the top portion.

Colour also on point for cny. ++

I wear M for this. Fits perfect

Bought this on a whim cause i was desperate to get free mailing with the above mentioned red dress. (Also cause it looks chio and only left 1 black in M)

Kiasu me decided to just baiiii

Turns out it was a bit loose at the bust area.

Hips part was okay

I love love love pastel purple.

Its the only other pastel colour (other than pastel yellow) that i look good in.

and so i also carted this

but my concern is i look like i have a preggy midsection?????

Is it cause the gathers????

(pardon the messy bed ahaha)

My Other CNY piece!!!

Also my fave and i cannot wait to wear this to work ((:


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