Lip Tints & Skincare

Recently i’m super into #dayrebeauty posts. Been reading up on mamonde lipsticks ALOT

Reason being… i bought my first lip tint at the etude house recently and loved it! (I bot pk004 at the etude house sale at pwc building) then i remembered hoppypoppyz talking about mamonde lippies so i had to check it out.

Quite torn between Highlight Lip Tint # 6 Pin Spot and # 7.

Swatched # 6 which J said was better. This one here is # 7 (bro said look lik pinoy????? rofl.. seems like i can never find a suitable shade of red for my face lol)

i also like the True Colour Lipsticks in # 19 (top) and # 14 classic (below)

i’m very likely to suit 19 better
(lol my hand actually quite hairy😳)

Aiyoo but actually i only put lipstick once a day and quite rarely touch up. so idk if i should actually go about buying this.

Anyway I also read into skincare..
Can you believe I just found out abt cystic acne like last week and realised this shit has been plaguing my right cheek and ears since forever?????

Lol ok la better late than never.

So i went and read up abt Tea Tree Oils and AHA BHA stuffs

And decided to spend money on buying these stuffs instead of the lipsticks for now LOL

Bot this to try on my cystic acne and pimples upon reading sweetpea’s recommendations

Also cause i still have some liveup rebates left just before it expires!

And this after reading many rave reviews about it here on dayre.

Lets see if my nose blackheads really stop coming back! (it will be my first time using cosrx and bha though)


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