Happy Birthday Singapore!

Hi guys! Singapore turns 50 today (9th Aug 2015) and to commemorate and remember this special day as a Singaporean, I decided to do a layout that reflects a little bit about what I love about my little red dot (Singapore) which I call home! Am post dating this post to the 15th just for Sketchabilities fortnightly posting on the blog though, so when you see this, its a little belated.

Without further ado, my layout! Base papers from Crate Paper’s – Wonder and all the Singapore related cut outs are from random brochures I collected.

Janice Yue Sketch #145 145

And the sketch for this week is this pretty one here by Karan! :) You can participate by linking up your sketches with us on the site here

What I love most about Singapore is this city skyline here! Everytime I do city runs round this area after work, I can’t help but feel overwhelmed with how grateful I am to be able to grow up and live in this beautiful city #feelingpatrioticagain


We had a long weekend here in Singapore to celebrate 50 years of our nation’s success (Thank you fore fathers of Singapore for building this nation from scratch! we owe a lot to you all…especially our late founding father Mr. Lee). It was pretty happening all around the island especially on National Day, where every one was decked in red and white and all came down down to the bay area just to soak in the atmosphere and also grab early seats to watch the spectacular fireworks display after the National Day Parade. Jason and I spent the Jubilee weekend soaking up some Singapore history over the past few days at the National Museum and the Stamps museum which were free to the public! We also caught a glimpse of the pre-fireworks display the day before National Day and took strolls around the bay area… Lastly, we enjoyed the National Day Parade from the comfort of our own homes as we weren’t a fan of moshing with the crowds. It was fun scrolling Facebook to see how everyone spent their long weekend! But if there was one thing in common, I think pretty much everyone was in a thankful and celebratory spirit… which was pretty darn amazing. :*) DSCN7671 DSCN7673

Majulah Singapura – means Onward Singapore. It is also the title of our National Anthem.DSCN7675


Photo credits to Mediacorp! hahahah I wasn’t at the parade so I don’t have live photos, but this photo is too gorgeous not to document. heheheh


Till my next post, cya!


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