Project life – Ed Sheeran in concert

And so this happened! I managed to get my hands on a ticket to Ed’s concert last month after scouring all over the internet and Carousell – it costed me quite a bit more – but it was worth every penny I spent. :P The best concert I’ve ever been cause Ed was amazeballz and the crowd was phenomenal! We sang and danced and screamed throughout the entire 120min concert, filled in the words he didn’t sing automatically and even took out our phones and shone our phone torches to the quiet acoustic songs Ed sang.

This collage features some photos I found on the #edsheeransg hashtag on Instagram taken by the fans who were in the Cat 1 Section B seats (Thank you for your pics!). They were really awesome and close up (really better than mine which were all of tiny Ed though I felt my seat had a super good view tho lol)

So anyway there were too many pics for me to document that I decided to do a project life spread to feature em all!


The cute lyric card with the Give Me Love lyrics is taken from a fan’s tumblr online – I love that song sooo much! And also, after watching so many youtube vids of his live shows where he splits the crowd into 2 groups to harmonize with each other, it felt so surreal to be part of Ed’s choir for the night, doing that at his concert during the “Give Me Love” set.


My fave songs for the night was Kiss Me/ Tenerife Sea (This song was so beautiful live it sent chills!) , Don’t/ No Diggity/ Nina (Loop pedal madness and wonderful groove), I’m a Mess (The opening song which made the whole concert feel soooo surreal) , A Team (When we all took out our phone torches and sang along.. the Star Theatre lighting up like a thousand stars for you to be kissed under just like in Thinking Out Loud hahaha – but it was really a beautiful sight to be honest). DSCN6321

* lyric cards and x song listing cards from online too (Creds to these peeps who made em!) I cropped em up to 3″x4″ just for this*

I actually knew the existence of Ed back in 2012 when my friend introduced A Team and Lego House to me. I did have his whole + album on my iPhone and listened to it now and then – I liked UNI and Drunk back then too – but it did not make an impact till I saw the Thinking Out Loud video after a karaoke session with Jason in Feb. I mean, I’ve heard of Thinking Out Loud before and I loved how that song sounded so much like Let’s Get it On by Marvin Gaye… but after watching Ed dance and re-listening to the lyrics, I got hooked. I was a fan and it was unstoppable. DSCN6326

Its funny how Singapore starts with the syllable Sing. I never noticed this till Ed said it in concert – “Would you like to sing something, Singapore?” “Sing out, Singapore!” “Never stop singing, Singapore!” And we didn’t stop singing….DSCN6325 DSCN6328

Indeed an unforgettable night! Ed said he’d be back – he better be, cause I’m so gonna get his tickets again! :)

Anyway if you wanna catch what happened during the concert, a fan video-ed the entire concert held in SG and posted it on youtube. Wheeeee x



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