My tribute to Mr. Lee Kuan Yew

Mr. Lee, our founding father of Singapore and First Prime Minister left us in the wee hours on Monday morning on 23 March 2015 at the ripe old age of 91. His passing I feel, brought Singaporeans closer as one as we all grieved together, thanked and celebrated Mr. Lee’s life, work, achievements and legacy. Undoubtedly, Mr. Lee has done so much for us and for Singapore. He fought hard for us and brought Singapore to where it is today – a beautiful, prosperous and safe city to live in… and with that I’m really grateful and blessed. :*) You’ll be forever in our hearts. Thank you once again, Mr. Lee!

The week of national mourning in Singapore had been a very eventful one. Thousands of people queued for hours just to pay respects to Mr. Lee (The wait was 8-9 hours on the night I went). After attempting to queue in line for 5 hours to see Mr. Lee lying in state at the Parliament House on Friday night, I backed out due to fatigued, but then decided to head to the community tribute centre near my home to pay respects to this great man. I think the emotions I felt left me inspired me to create this layout below.


I love this photo of Mr. Lee cause he is standing with the backdrop of our public housing or HDBs as we fondly call it. And its cause of him we have proper sanitation and affordable housing and a roof over our heads.


Sketch idea credits to Sketchabilities.

Details: Paper – Bobunny & Crate Paper | Embellies: Crate Paper | Text: Dear Lizzy



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