Sketchabilities #134 – Thank you for the wonderful memories

Its my last sketch for Sketchabilities for this term. It been an honour to be part of the team and share with you guys some ideas for Karan’s pretty sketches. :) Anyway check out the talented new DT team who will be leading the site for the next 3 months here!!!

Without further ado, here’s sketch #134!


Janice Yue Sketch #134


This layout features a fave photo from Tasmania in Apr 2013. We were doing a quick track round the Loontitermainerhoiner track (what a name) off Swansea when we spotted this bench overlooking the sea. (Photo Op!!!!)

Tasmania’s nature is really beautiful, i miss those long drives and hikes.

Anyway this layout features the Blue Fern Studios Ombre Dreams & Montage papers (Yessss I got my hands on them finally!) Love the angelic and dreamy feeling of the papers…




Thanks for lookin’, and till my next LO, see ya x


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