Hello Maldives!

Sharing with you guys a mini album I did last week – featuring the trip to Maldives earlier this year with my family.

Album binding idea is from Lori Whitlock’s mini accordion album here, but because I was using a 6×6 paper stack for this project, which already had an additional 0.5″ side which can be folded to bind the pages of the album together, it made the whole album a lot easier to make. I only needed to cut up the binding to size (6″) with my cameo.

You can watch how Lori Whitlock assembled her album here.

Without further ado, here’s my album!!! Everything’s made using Crate Paper! Oh how I love the pretty pastels and how every other collection from CP can be used with each other.

So basically, I used the 6×6 paper stack from CP Styleboard for the album base, Chipboard embellishments from CP’s Open Road, and random flat cut outs from CP’s Ephemera packs from the Open Book and Notes and Things collections!


And for what’s inside….maldivescon


Really really fun to do! I completed the album binding in 1 night, and the photo printing and album embellishing in one afternoon.

Thanks for lookin’ x

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