Oh the places we’ll go…

Had an idea buzzing in my mind ever since i bought the North American map paper from MME’s Jubilee collection. I had to construe something along the lines of featuring places I’ve been.

Here’s my take! Featuring lots and lots of fave pics and a huge pop of colour…. Also my first attempt at stitching with twine!



I think the most fun part for this project was literally staring at Google Maps to get the locations of the cities approximately correct on this map! haha I tried my best.DSCN4416


Reflecting back on my entire exchange, I would say I loved Canadian Rockies the best, followed by NYC (The city in general is amazing! Not forgetting the shopping lol). And if I had 1 minor regret, that would be visiting Atlantic Canada (Halifax & P.E.I) in December. It was literally terrible – bad weather, cold and gloomy skies and also, it was pretty much off-season. But Jason and I had a good time travelling together for the first time! Hopefully in the future, we can go back there in Summer to enjoy good seafood and wonderful beaches.


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