When perfectionism strikes

I was so inspired to do a layout like this and it was just about time to use up the left over flowers from my K&Company glittered floral paper.

However, after working on this for god knows how long, it was quite hard to let the flowers peep out of a layered card without it looking really weird. (Maybe its cause of the way I arranged the flowers anyway) So, I decided to come up with something like this instead: DSCN4351


Then, 3 things came to mind as I was photographing this:

1) Why did I glue the photo slanted?

2) What can I do with that empty space above the photo?

3) The colour combination and general theme looks kinda odd now.

And then after contemplating on a new design for another couple of days, I decided that I chose the wrong photo to work with the bright florals and took apart this entire layout, keeping the flower borders for this layout below instead. And the photo + caption for another separate layout.

LOL. #scrappersproblems , and partly my perfectionist streak I think hahaha

But I’m kinda glad this turned out much better in terms of colour combination and general theme. I also managed to use my matchy red mini poppies from Bangkok! They’re too cute and small.


K&Company base + flowers| Poppy Flowers, Bangkok | Lace, Daiso | Pebbles



I love photobooths! So fun, really! Check out the cool props and the weirdo shades were such a laugh!


Am a sucker for K&Company floral papers!



If there was a take away from this re-fixing session, I think photo colours play an important role in ensuring a scrap stays coherent. Really gotta keep that in mind whenever I have a scrapping mental block from now on! :P



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