Mini album fully embellished

It’s been a while!

This album’s just for my bestie, for her birthday!

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So this was the album I assembled a while back here with the cameo and approximately 10-12 sheets of random cardstock. But now its fully prepped and ready to go! Whee!


Looking through old photos just to put together the album’s content was pretty fun! haha it was lik reminiscing the old times back in secondary school when we just got to know each other.

I remember her to be the really quiet sort (though really mischievous – she always had stupid pranks up her sleeve). We weren’t really close cause of her quiet nature, also cause we didn’t attend classes together in secondary 3 and 4. But then we ended up in the same Junior College, and started to hang out a lot more. I think there were 2 things that bonded us together :
1) Same idol crushes – Clay Aiken back in Sec 2… Rain and Joo Ji Hoon from Goong in JC ahahhaa those were the days
2) Art – she was in art elective (I wasn’t though cause I can’t draw/ paint well) and I was her “idea generation” / model for a couple of her art pieces.

I remember those times I used to feel down back in JC cause of results and things like that and she was always there to lend me a listening ear or hug. Really a friend I can count on and a friend I know even today, that she’s one person who knows and will stand by me and we can just always have a blast together. :*)



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