My personal take on Epi LASIK at Clearvision

So I haven’t been scrapbooking the past week cause I’ve just done Epi LASIK!

Been wanting to do this for a really long time because
1) I look really horrible with spectacles
2) I’m pretty active (I swim, do a lot of sports from time to time)
3) I am a heavy contact lens user but at the same time a very careless one too. I frequently end up tearing my contact lenses with my fingernails and I always have to get them replaced even before the month is up.
4) Wearing contact lenses for long hours tires the eyes quite a bit

So then, I went on a hunt for LASIK surgery providers and then came across Clearvision which does only Epi LASIK surgery but at an affordable package price! Epi LASIK differs from regular LASIK in a way there is no corneal flap being made during surgery. Instead, the epithelium layer (which is a regenerative part of the cornea) is removed and then after laser correction is done to the eye, allowed to heal back on it’s own.

The benefits are humongous.
1) There are no cornea flap complications i.e. infections, flap dislodgements etc
2) I can do contact sports and also diving, swimming etc
3) I can effectively wear cosmetic contact lenses aft my cornea heals
4) Epi LASIK does not worsen dry eyes
5) Its a great option for those with high myopia and thin corneas (who have been rejected from regular LASIK)

I had moderate myopia though high astigmatism in my left eye (L: 475 astig 200, R: 375 astig 25), and thicker than usual cornea but decided on taking on epi LASIK mainly cause I didn’t want flap complications or be limited by sporting activities.

Also booking my eye check up appointment and epi LASIK surgery date was a breeze. Swift and fast.

The surgery was a breeze too.
Painless and fast (though obviously I was panicky. If anybody were to have seen my mouth under my mask, I think it was open throughout the procedure like this :O ) I was told to focus on a blinking red light .. while an eyelid holder was placed on my eye to keep my eye open. Then more numbing eye drops were added and the suction ring was placed on my eye and my epithilium layer sliced (which really didn’t feel like anything!) Then doc mopped tears in my eyes with something like a cotton bud. It was a very strange feeling cause I could see him wiping my eye ball but I couldn’t feel anything. Then the laser was applied! There was some burning smell coming from the laser I think but doc was really cool counting down and stuff which makes everything more calming. I think each eye took about 5 minutes so I was done in about 10- 15 minutes!


Me just after surgery with Dr Ho.


The clinic staff took photos for us before and after surgery and actually sent us the photos via email a couple of days later! So thoughtful of them! I didn’t even know the above photo was taken till I got the email! hahah by the way that’s my eye on the monitor. LOLOL

Its been 6 days since my surgery on Monday.. and so far I guess the only downside is epi LASIK’s healing time is slower than that of LASIK. I had my 2nd follow up to remove the bandage contact lens today and Dr Ho said that my vision could take 2-3 weeks to clear up from now as the epithilium layer heals. My vision now is as Doc calls it, like somebody left an oil smudge on my lens. Lol. I’d like to think it’s like a camera blur, with the focus being in the foreground.. and the background being all blurry and mystical.

The past 5 days of healing has been pretty interesting though! Day 1 post surgery had me waking to near perfect vision. It’s like “Oh my, I can see every detail upon opening my eyes!” Days 2-4, I went through a frustrating period of blur, which ranged from bokeh vision to, fog like vision to, just plain blur. I flagged 2 wrong busses the other day cause 8 and 3 looked too much like each other and listened to audiobooks to pass the time since I couldn’t see very much. Also, I was pretty much sleeping beauty. But it helped a lot! Apparently the blur is cause the cells are coagulating to the centre of the eye to heal the area that was removed, thus the longer down time. Typically, it is normal for blurry vision for about 1 week post surgery.

Day 6-8: OMG I don’t feel sleepy at 10pm cause the bandage contact lens is out. Near vision is improving. I can see a little farther everyday though farther bits are still blur. Eyes are very much still like a portrait lens. Near vision clear back blur. Could watch vids on computer for longer but words still look feathery.

Day 9: Vision a bit more blur today.

Day 12: Vision is always best after a shower. I also noticed, white words on coloured backgrounds are the worst to see.

Day 17: Onto the FML box now since am done with Pred Mild. It’s the most bitter of all the eye drops. Still worrying cause vision is still not as clear as I want/ hoped it to be. I won’t say there’s much improvement in terms of eye sight clarity from last week. Vision is still pretty much the whole 3m clear and then the rest is blurry/ feathery. Phone usage and book reading is okay though small words are hard to read. Using computers is also pretty much a pain cause it has a minor double image effect, and if i try to put my eyes closer to the screen or make the fonts bigger, there’s still not much improvement. Then i’m worrying how am I gonna survive at work with the potential computer work that comes with it.

Day 19 (28/6/14): Check up #3. Eye check up shows that L: 25 deg 125 astig R: 50 deg 75 astig. Apparently eye deg fluctuations are normal for the first few months. Doc explained that far vision heals first then the near. So that explains why my computer vision sucked so bad. Eyes healing great.. and Most imptly to still avoid strong sunlight.

Day 23: Improvements! I can see better near and far, and can hold longer usage of the computer. Every morning I do a test in the bath to read the words on the shower heater and for once today it was not feathery. Awesome…!

Day 26 (6/7/14): OMG everything is in high definition today. I can see really far and it’s clear! I think my eyesight today’s the clearest it has ever been since the op!

Day 33 (12/7/14): No more FML (The most bitter eye drops ever.. truly FML) Now onto Lotemax. Last box of eyedrops already! Vision mostly in HD except occasional blurry due to eye squeezing. Noticed that I have obviously floaters in my left eye.. either that or my office is too white, so the floaters are more obvious.

Day 52 (End July): Done with Lotemax and I realised I don’t really need lubricant that much anymore.

Day 54 (2/8/14): Check up #4. I hate the eye pressure machine that blows a quick gust of wind onto your eyeballs. It always scares the shit outta me. Either that, or I’m always pre-ampting the gust of wind that I literally get scared outta my wits and close my eyes. Doc says my eyes are healing great! No scarring and eyes don’t look dry, degrees were about -0.25 each eye. However cause its still < 2 months after surgery, I’ll have to come back in a month’s time.

August: Sometimes I don’t wear shades but usually afternoon sun gets very glaring. Note to self not to blink so hard or overstrain eyes… other than that, I pretty much can exercise freely without wearing shades.

Day 92 (9/9/14): Its exactly 3 months since surgery! Eye check up #5. Eye degrees R: +0.25 L: -0.25. Doc says its effectively good to go, plus eyes are clear and there’s no scarring. I’m discharged! :)



4 thoughts on “My personal take on Epi LASIK at Clearvision”

  1. Hi I went to Dr ho for trans epi lasik recently on the 30th Nov. Will be removing the protective lens tmr.

    Just wondering, are all the follow up compulsory after the 3rd one. Cos im actually flying out of the country for work. For a year. Worried that my vision will not be 20/20 after 3 months.

    1. hey joselyn! think u must be at dr ho’s as i am typing this. i’ve read other blogs where they come to singapore for epi lasik surgery. so what happens after they remove the protective lens is that they do the other consultations back in their own country at the eye doc. i believe you can check with dr ho on how you can get check ups if needed overseas. Hope this helps :)

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