CMH’s Hoopla – Lisa’s ad challenge

Thought the CMH’s Hoopla was really cool as they had 7 challenges for us to attempt to complete in a month.

It seriously got me hooked! I was scrapping about 1 – 2 scraps every weekend, and gave me more reasons to come up with new ideas too. AWESOME…

So anyway, Lisa had a challenge which required me to make use of this to come up with an inspiring new layout.

And i thought… omg, this is the chance to make use of all the mini snaps i’ve arranged for an NYC layout! I’ve always had problems choosing photos for a layout cause there’s always too many photos I want to feature but so little space.

Here’s my take:

Base card from october afternoon’s 5c & dime. and the rest, from the simple stories travel collection.

My general thoughts of NYC – a fabulous place! Alot like Singapore but more “concrete jungle”. I loved the shopping there the most! Fossil watches, coach and kate spade are definitely cheap catches at the Woodbury Commons factory outlets as compared to the retail shops in SG. Not forgetting there’s F21 and VS… and alot more brands. Sight seeing was pretty easy by subway and foot around town… but what’s most memorable is the boxing day blizzard which we were caught in back on 26th Dec 2010. The snow was so thick by the end of the blizzard the next day all the bus services, and some of the train services were cancelled!



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