Floral mania

I used to have a huge craze over flowers that i had to put them all over my scraps.. and its not just 1 or 2 flowers, but rather… MASSIVE FLORAL SPAM!

flowers; prima & kaisercraft | cardstock; omg i cant rmb | letters; thickers in daydream

This layout was made sometime in 2010. Photos were taken at this northern indian restaurant in Little India called Lagnaa. Its a cafe where you sit on low tables and go barefoot. pretty nice chill out location with splendid northern indian butter chicken curry and sorts! (Oh, the lassi was awesome too!)

V’day gift for the boy last year – also submitted this for the Apr ’11 challenge at createmakeithappen

flowers; prima | cardstock; k&c company & tim holtz ideology | other embellishments; autumn leaves

Because i cut out such a huge heart just for this Vday gift project for the boy… i kept the remnants of the heart-shaped cardstock for yet another flower exploding project below.


flowers; prima | cardstock; k&c company & tim holtz ideology

Honestly, i felt i did better for this 2nd version of hearts and flowers maybe cause the colour combination for the flowers were more vibrant as compared to the 1st which was more muted.

Then again, the flower spam journey was an interesting one and its not necessarily a bad thing, I found my love for all things colourful and it kinds tested my colour combi skills with cardstocks and flowers alike. But, i figured along the course of this journey to become a better scrapper… that i gotta find new and more interesting ways to embellish too,  not just with flowers alone. So, as much as i really love hearts and flowers (and probably won’t be able to do without them.. i tried and am still trying to move away from the use of just one medium of embellishments)



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