In 2008

I started scrapbooking sometime in 2008. Spent close to $200 on my first scrapbooking supplies. Acid free glue, paper sets, paper cutter, cutting mat, scrapbooking album, extra keepsake sleeves and some rubber stamps and archival ink too.

So with that I went ahead on my first few humble layouts.

My 17th birthday specially celebrated and planned by my choir friends. I was super touched to know they actually secretly planned this without me knowing a thing! The top left corner pic was a dare my friends made me do. LOL, but hey i took it within my stride :P A memory worth keeping!

Teachers’ Day performance from my class back in ’05. Our class was forever known to be the quiet class. But we came out loud and strong with our version of The Beatles, Michael Jackson’s Thriller and Yellowcard’s – One year six months (but we changed it to One year nine months). It was a hell load of fun!

As you can see, noob skills took the table. I only did matting and colour combi fitting with the limited amount of paper i had. I didn’t buy thickers cause I thought I already spent a bomb.. so what i did was take tracing paper and trace out size 80 fonts from the Microsoft word right from the monitor. LOL.

Soooper simple layout with some rubber stamping. Also one of my earliest scraps!


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